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Kopanis Cash & Carry

The company Kopanis Cash & Carry resides in Lamia, at the entrance of the city, in a self-owned building (1.500m2), in Antonis Tritsis Str. It focuses on General Trade, catering and supplying of big national chains, businesses of food service, as well as on Retail commerce through the branch office it keeps in the town center of Lamia in Dimoloulia 5 Str.

It is an established company in the field of packaging types, decorative items, paper and professional equipment, which by the way through an organized distribution system managed to get established in the field of Food Service as well as (restaurants, steak houses, cafés, snacks, bakeries) accomplishing the “full” coverage of their demands.

The company offers high quality products and services through:

  • Our wide range of products (over 15.000 codes ready to cover your needs any time)
  • The complete fulfillment of the needs of the field of Food Service.
  • The guaranteed quality of our products, since when you buy from our store, you come in contact with the most popular companies and their guaranteed products, at unbelievable prices
  • Our competitive rates.
  • Our customer service, with the option of purchase with delivery-reception at your door.
  • Compliance to our commitment regarding the quality and delivery time.
  • Our organized network for taking orders and distribution.
  • The high level professionalism not only from our owners but also from the company stuff.

In Kopanis Cash & Carry you can find, cooking assistance, food, catering items, packaging, paper, professional equipment, detergents, cleaning material.

It constantly seeks the best ways and methods that completely fulfill the professional and consumer’s needs. In other words, the needs of those who have supported and continue to support, to those it actually owes its existence to.