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We have earned your trust... we pursued and accomplished to always be so close to the professional as well as to the typical consumer... e accomplished having you with us because we offer what you asked for.


The company Kopanis was found in 1985 and it was located at the center of Lamia in Dimoloulia 5 Str. In 1991 the company became Kopanis LTD and it resided in the a self-owned building (1.500m2) at  Antonis Tritsis Str.

The basic principle of the company is the quality customer service through the updated services in distribution, quality products, expert personnel, up-to-date Singular Enterprise computerization systems, and modern means and ways of distribution.

Video Presentation In 2012 we created the company Kopanis S.A. at the area of Komma Lamias. Kopanis S.A. is a rapidly developing company specialized in the area of general commerce, for the supply and distribution needs of large enterprises. Owners of the company are Mr. Ioannis and Mr. Stylianos Kopanis. Kopanis S.A. have self-owned, high end facilities of 6.000m2, 1500m2 of which Refrigeration and Cooling.

KOPANIS LTD. is an established company in the field of packaging types, paper and professional equipment, which by the way through an organized distribution system tsking into advantage the opportunities that came up in the market, is now in position to provide services both to national chains (Distribution - -Triangular Deliveries), as well as to small and medium food shops and retail spots with product from the most known Greek and foreign companies in the fields of dairy, meat products, confectionary & bakery raw materials, catering items and refrigerated products managing this way to get established in the field of Food Service (restaurants, steak houses, cafés, snacks, bakeries) accomplishing the “full” coverage of their demands.
The company employs a fully specialized “Human Resources” capable of responding fully to the demands of today’s competitive environment. The sales department, is consisted of fully trained sales representatives, that allways stand close to the customer and his any needs. The storekeepers, the drivers and the finance department compose our personnel, surrounding the kind of dynamics that makes the company KOPANIS LTD. to distinguish.